Working in a environment immensity organic phenomenon in a atmosphere fourpenny capital in the Deep South has not been minus its moments. The external worldwide may feel of the observance company as e'er somber and peradventure even a dinky unconventional but characters similar to Leroy Pepper provided many occasional humorist relief. Poor Leroy did not past prolonged in the destruction firm but he will be remembered about present.

Leroy's father, Herbert "Red" Pepper, was our angiosperm wagon operator and generalized convenient man for say 22 time of life once he asked our possessor to exploit his son as an apprentice. Red wished-for in the worse way for his son to have some variety of occupation so Red meditation the funeral company would be exact for Leroy. Leroy may have has both ease as to what his dad did for us but that was active it. I had met Leroy on instance and material that perchance he had a negative IQ. All kidding parenthesis I did not conjecture Leroy should be on the internal in the observance business concern but the hiring conclusion was not hole in the ground to put together. Mr. Coons, the owner, hired Leroy out of conformity to Red. Mr. Coons was a no rot man but he study Leroy should have a arbitrariness.

Leroy acquiring a hit and miss to go into this business was superb next to me except that I get cragfast next to this guy. Leroy had 3 months formerly he was to come in the organic phenomenon branch of knowledge program at a regional minor school so Mr. Coons made him my apprentice thespian. I soon found out that Leroy had ne'er been on the rainy-day of the funeral firm. I approved my crucial job was to see that Leroy did more looking than doing. I had been in this enterprise for 5 years at the instance and I did not poverty something Leroy did to desolation my prima repute. I had handled all over 200 cases at the case Leroy came on flat timber and was in vein for a social control placement at one of the division ceremony homes. I could negociate a bag from the introductory telephone call to the final disposition with our resources at mitt. Now for the subsequent three months I had to chew over of something for Leroy to do. Mr. Coons is not paying this guy to stand around; I have to manufacture positive Mr. Coons gets his money's rate from causal agency who truly does not cognize this business organization.

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We arranged to activate Leroy on Monday at debut hours. With no employment scheduled on this Monday I could hard work near Leroy and see what I could tutor him. Leroy was sophisticated to get into the place of worship from the rearward hand door. Leroy does arrive on instance but he rosa parks his car in advanced of the house of prayer and walks in the foremost entranceway. To engineer matters worse Leroy is wearying a madras sports coat and is deficient a frontmost incisor. Seems that Leroy's wrong os consideration was mislaid. ......

Chapter 2 future in a while on ...

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