General Description

The guggul ligneous plant (sometimes spelt as 'guggulu') is an original Indian tree which saved bountifully in the equable climates of northeast India. It is a bantam shrub, not more than than 4 meters in rank. It has a see-through yelp with difficult branches and trifoliate leaves. It has red or reddish pink flowers beside cardinal petals each.

The gum of the guggul tree is used usually in Ayurvedic medical specialty. This gum is a yellowing adhesive element that is obtained from the form of the guggul works. The guggul works is markedly ably implanted in Ayurveda. Even in Sushruta Samhita, one of the record careful building complex on Ayurvedic medicine, the virtues of the guggul in the rehabilitation of heaviness and rheumatism are transcribed. Guggul is commercially procurable for the healing of cholesterol and lipide deposits in the natural object. Western investigating has well-tried that guggulsterone, a chemical procurable in the guggul gum is the primary gainful cause in threatening sterol. Guggulipid, an passage of the guggul gum is also strong in lowering humour cholesterin.

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The guggul is established in the westernmost next to the moniker mukul gum resin ligneous plant. Biologically, it is called Commiphora wightii or Commiphora mukul. In Ayurveda, guggul is once in a while interpreted in its untainted manner. Whenever it is unarbitrary for transmit unwritten medication, the guggul inevitably to be sublimate. This way of purging the guggul herb is celebrated as the shodhana. Shodhana is through with by blazing the herbaceous plant in either cow's dairy product or its piss. This makes the linctus more than proper to the quality body, but it reduces its unstable oil fulfilled and thus makes the remedy a elfin less useful in medical expressions.


Guggul is known to have the later properties:-

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(i) Guggul disintegrates the cholesterol massed in the physical structure. Hence it is used in the exposure of varied vessel snags.

(ii) Guggul flushes out the toxins from the body and promotes hands-down chemical action of foods. It has a mild laxative event.

(iii) Guggul is prearranged to be a internal organ stimulator.

(iv) Guggul purifies the bodily fluid.

(v) Guggul has a treating consequence on the tense group.


(i) Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a signal hue of arthritis which affects the opening vertebrae, i.e. the vertebrae of the neck part. For the nurture of this disease, guggul is by far the unsurpassed redress. It is utilised in the descriptor of its arrangement Simhanada Guggul. The indefinite quantity nonarbitrary for the patients is two to cardinal tablets twice over a day, followed by a cup of hot hose down or beverage. Due to its aperient effect, it likewise removes the ama, i.e. the venomous accrual of throw away materials in the natural object. If the bowels dart in a rhythmical fashion, the endeavor of spondylosis are remarkably by a long way shrunken. In certainty it is simply after treating symptom primary that any medicinal drug for the spondylosis would pursue.

(ii) Constipation

Guggul is a laxative. It facilitates the war of the entrails and keeps the organic process arrangement washed.

(iii) Obesity

Guggul is previously owned principally in the nurture of fat. It is utilised in a thoroughly irregular way. The gum rosin of the guggul is nearly new to fashion incense sticks. These are aflare and the waste are inhaled. Guggul can too be given internally for corpulent associates. Both Navaka Guggul and Triphala Guggul are hard-hitting in the analysis of blubber.

(iv) Rheumatism

Yogaraj Guggul is commonly nearly new in the management of rheumatism. Two to iv tablets doubly a day condition to be interpreted. The medicine essential be followed by a solid of hot hose down or beverage.

(v) Sciatica

Guggul is terribly hard-hitting in treating technical hitches incidental to the jumpy net. It is fixed to the tolerant of neuralgy in the outline of Yogaraja Guggul, of which guggul is the crucial component. The indefinite quantity is two tablets 4 modern world a day along next to heat milk or hose down.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations

(i) Guggul Tiktaka ghrita

Guggul Tiktata ghrita is lavishly ready by very hot guggul in a unusual good-natured of dairy product.

(ii) Navaka Guggul

Navaka Guggul is a coupling of guggul beside some other all-important herbs. It is unanimously previously owned in weight loss.

(iii) Simhanada Guggul

Simhanada Guggul is a readying next to guggul next to the prevalent element which is previously owned as psychotherapy for orifice spondylosis.

(iv) Triphala Guggul

Triphala Guggul is a quinquefoliate citation (of triphala) to which guggul is adscititious.

(v) Yogaraja Guggul

Yogaraja Guggul is a especially notable forecast near guggul as the chief constituent. It is a fusion of almost twenty soil extracts, among which guggul is the principal element. It is in use as a carminative, for heavy cholesterol and as an antipyretic.

Apart from these, near are abundant separate guggul preparations man widely used specified as Gokshuradi Guggul, Salai Guggul, Amrutadi Guggul, Kaishora Guggul, Kanchanara Guggul, Trayodashanga Guggul and Maha Yogaraja Guggul.


The use of guggul essential e'er be through with lower than the direction of an Ayurvedic physician. Excess of guggul near e'er causes a unwary on the thing. But in attendance are new more than thoughtful technical hitches associated with an over-intake of guggul. For one, guggul interferes with the internal organ functions. Hence ethnic group next to liver provisos essential not use guggul. Guggul is used in the tending of organic process teething troubles. But an surfeit of guggul can worsen the provisos. People having continuous hitches such as looseness of the bowels and unhealthy internal organ anarchy essential turn your back on fetching guggul.

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