Have you ever read Psalm 91, or numerous others, and asked the question, "God, why isn't this happening in my life?" "Why are You not doing this for me?" "Where are Your promises person consummated in my day to day living?"

I have precious the voice communication and promises of Psalm 91. In the Spring of 2000, when we had lightning rap under the eaves of our private residence and set in motion a inferno in the attic, processing out the telephones at the identical time, I ran on all sides testing to get hold of property to payoff out of the provide somewhere to stay. After two trips, I complete it was otiose. Randal was in the roof space using a inferno device to get the inferno off the protective cover adequate so he could run to a near to call for 911, hoping that the complete neck of the woods hadn't been wiped out of car phone service.

Having had respiratory disorder for several years, I couldn't even get to the top of the pull-down stairway to aid short disorder. Being a "take charge" helpful of person, I felt fully inutile and after those two trips, I realized that this was a setting that was way further than my momentum. I initiative of Psalm 91 but in the obsession of the situation, I could not recollect a rank of it.

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I went to the furniture to proceeds off the nighest Bible in the residence and upset to Psalm 91, sat down on the floor and read it out reverberating in Faith. Randal came in after moving to several houses till he found a phone, and went aft into the attic to use the forest fire extinguisher over again which seemed to be subterranean. The firemen came and did their state of affairs and offered Randal a job. They couldn't go into the eaves short their element masks and Randal had been up in that the complete juncture short thing at all.

The fate and actions of that day created umpteen unbelievable imaginings nearly how property turned out and what could have happened ... but didn't. They had told us that usually that manner of a let off would be totally out of make conform in 15-20 records. We had detected the first-rate like-minded it had hit the dwelling house but had heard those sounds past with lightning hit the trees in our woods, so even then again Randal kept wise saying he smelled smoke, I kept aphorism I smelled nix.....until 15 transactions later when it came done the vent-hole nearby.

I ran for the forest fire extinguisher, which we happened to have brought residence from the retail store, and Randal pulled fluff the staircase to the dominion and took it up here. The flames were to the protection and the length from the floored interest of the dominion was too far for the extent of the spring .... but it reached near well.

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The most surprising thing? The security friendship told us they had a mode to "bomb" the district to lift out all of the aerosol sense impression from everything hold on up near. It was a chemical and we did not knowingness pious almost it, so we took a twosome of boxes descending to see how bad it was.

There was no breath of smoke! I at once cognitive content of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego coming out of the natural event near "no trace of forest fire on them."

Since later I have memorized Psalm 91 and kept it adjoining on index cards and distinct in my Bible, but circumstance fades memories and there have been many present when I've read that and said, "Why isn't this exploitable for us now? Life seems to be falling isolated ... wherever are You?"

God is where on earth He always is. Waiting to minister to when we're prompt to change place His extremity in Faith and Belief. There's oft an "if you" grammatical construction in the promises and I deliberate that's where on earth we truly omit it. We have our factor of the dedication contract, and we lean to not observe our part, patch we go on that God is not conformity His Word.

If the Word isn't employed .... it's because we haven't punched in the entree codification. Don't let the devil whisper in your ear lies roughly speaking our Heavenly Father. Believe the Word and brand name His Truth appear in your existence. Find out what you're not doing. Even if organism transfers a cardinal dollars into your checking account, you are active to have to compose a observe to get it out. Move forward! Find out where you're "dropping the ball" and get backbone in the winners' halo.

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